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What are cookies?

Cookies are normally used so that the browser can recognize the user while repeatedly calling up these pages. Within Stud.IP, cookies are used to have the user's name and details available on each page. Without cookies you would have to log in each time you access a new page!

Are cookies dangerous?

Unfortunately, activating cookies represents a small security risk. However you should be aware that in most browsers, techniques are integrated which clearly represent a greater security risk (e.g. Active X-Elements).
In addition, there are two types of cookies: those which are saved on the hard disk and stay there and those which are active only as long as the according page is used.
The Stud.IP-system only uses these harmless cookies that are stored in the memory of the browser just for the duration of the session and afterwards automatically disappear.
In short, there is no need to worry!

Information for users using Netscape Navigator 4.x

If you use Netscape Navigator 4.x, then you can activate cookies as follows:
  1. Open the menu item "Edit" on the browser tool bar
  2. Click on "Settings"
  3. Now select the menu tab "Extended" at the left of the setting page.
  4. Now activate the items at the right:
    • "Use Java Script"
    • "Use Style Sheets"
    • "Accept cookies from the originating web site, only"